Handyconnect Apps Project


Handyconnect Apps Project


Handyconnect system provides a collaborative platform for millions of short-term employers and employees while offering Canadian trades certifications, Project Management, DIY Information, Voluntary Service, Career Growth and Income Generation Opportunities.  

The Need

Handyconnect web and mobile app is addressing the gap in finding short-term jobs or menial jobs and resources to complete those jobs satisfactorily.   


To provide a platform for sharing menial jobs availability and affordable and accessible resources. For employers, no lengthy recruitment process, complex human resources management and risky service delivery with Handyconnect app. For workers, there is a steady flow of jobs, freedom to decide when, what, how long they want to work. No long term employment contract thereby taking control of own work-life balance.

The System

System is compatible with various browsers and works on android and IOS. Loads of resources and benefits are available for joiners. Other functionalities include skill improvement resources, global notification system, DIY videos, forum where you can share ideas with like minds.


General Public

Project Duration:

3 Years

Project Sponsor:

Microhills Inc