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Microhills is the one-stop-shop company that creates value with a focus on first-rate customer experience.  Our products and services include design and development of fit-for-purpose Mobile Apps and Web Apps, Data and Document Solutions, Computer Sales, Technical Support and Systems Maintenance.

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  • Password Cracking and How to Protect Your Accounts
    Password Cracking and How to Protect Your Accounts In the age we live in, it’s almost inevitable that you have multiple digital accounts across multiple platforms. You may have an email account (or several), social media accounts, online banking accounts, accounts to access online systems for work, etc. and all these need passwords to keep them secure. Your passwords are your first line of defense against would-be hackers trying to get unauthorized access to your accounts. But passwords are not foolproof; there are ways that attackers can discover or break through your password to get at your most sensitive of …
  • How to Protect Yourself from Ransomware
    How to Protect Yourself from Ransomware Ransomware is a quickly growing form of cyberattack that can have devastating consequences for an individual or business. Ransomware is a type of malware, not unlike a virus, that infects a system and locks out access to extort money from the user or business. Losing access to data and software can be devastating to a business that relies on it and attackers make use of that to extort large sums of money from them. There are very few options once your system has been infected with a carefully crafted ransomware attack. So don’t wait …
  • 5 Business Security Tips to Protect Your Workplace
    5 Business Security Tips to Protect Your Workplace In the digital age we find ourselves in, security is more important than ever before. Keeping customer and employee personal information, sensitive business information and assets out of the hands of would-be attackers requires cooperation from every person in a business. All it takes is one person thinking a suspicious situation is harmless to result in an attacker gaining access. For many, the very word “hacker” draws to mind a mysterious figure in a hoodie sitting in a dark room and typing furiously on a keyboard. It seems to be all about …