Cyber Security

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Cyber Threats And Impacts

Threat targets such as devices, information, and infrastructure can be vulnerable to threat actors who consistently attempt to compromise them. The impact of cyber attacks can be devastating to individuals, organizations, businesses, and government institutions when they are unable to Keep information in threat targets from being compromised by cybercriminals, hacktivists, terrorist groups, insider threats, nation-states and thrill-seekers. The resultant reputation damage, litigations, huge financial and time  loses can be avoided.

Cybersecurity Analysis

We can analyze your cyber threat environment , review your cybersecurity strategy, policies, procedures, and their impact and explore ways to enhance your company’s security posture.

Vulnerability Management

Our vulnerability management strategy uses defined processes and procedures to identify and remediate vulnerabilities. This will ensure your company’s security vulnerabilities are consistently checked and addressed right away. Moreover, we use vulnerability assessments in combination with vulnerability management tools to understand the overall security posture and map out an appropriate cybersecurity strategy.

Patch Management

We identify Software update requirements and ensure regular updates are carried out to ensure business systems can run at optimal levels and are protected against new and emerging cyber threats. Our automation and continuous patch management procedures will ensure timely installation of security patches and updates to avoid any know security threats.

Access Controls 

Our professionals can help you organize your data in a clear and meaningful way that will keep them safe from threat actors. We can bring your data from disparate sources together and help you organize them in such a way that only authorized users with the right permissions will be able to gain access.

Application and Network Performance

Our robust performance monitoring tools can be deployed to monitor your applications and networks to ensure security issues can be identified and remediated quickly before they cause downtime, outages, or service interruptions. Our EDR tools will also monitor and report on internal and external threats, including malware, ransomware, and other advanced cyberattacks.

Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

The aim of the BCP is to ensure a process for recovery of your data and systems with minimal downtime after a security incident. We will review existing business continuity plan or develop a new one to ensure unambiguous procedures for recovery of data and systems. We will keep the document alive by reviewing the responsibilities for executing the different stages of the plan from time to time.

Cybersecurity Training 

We provide the essential Cybersecurity training to address cybersecurity learning requirements, security concerns, questions and explore ways to minimize risk at all levels of the business. This will enable staff members to be able to identify cyberattacks and take appropriate steps to address them.

Investment in your Cyber Security will save you from cyber threats and their impacts. Our Cybersecurity professionals are available to assist in blocking all the loopholes proactively so you can focus on growing your business. 

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