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25 Years of Kannon Beach - Anniversary Commemoration with Digital Marketing & Professional Photography
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Kannon Beach was founded in 1994 as a result of passion for all things ocean. People had been surfing for generations, but the industry had not adapted to colder climates. Surfers in Nova Scotia had world class waves, but were unable to access quality gear. This led Jason (Kannon) Beach to leave his career as a professional wind-surfer with the ultimate goal of bringing surfing, wind-surfing, and all things ocean-oriented to Canada, et voila; Kannon Beach was born.


The Need

Improve internet presence with Search Engine Optimization and upgrade website to connect brand image with business objective.


Design a fit for purpose website with Search Engine Optimization, Enhanced ecommerce and rental functionalities. Furthermore, we will develop your Social Media Content and campaigns that will integrate your Shopify platform while ensuring system availability during the project.

The System

System is compatible with various browsers and works on android and IOS.


General Public

Project Duration:

2 Months

Project Sponsor:

Kannon Beach Surf