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Achieve the benefits of robust document management solutions!

Symptoms of Poor Document Management:

Digging through heaps of documents for information is cumbersome and time wasting. However, there are other problems creeping up on you as your printed materials grow. These include  lack of

SecurityYou don’t want to allow attacks on your documents to damage or modify them
Version ControlVersion control ensures you know what version of a document you’re working on and makes it easy to roll back changes when necessary
Sharing AbilityHardcopies and non-portable digital copies of documents are difficult and slow to share with others
IntegrityYou want to be certain your documents are accurate, consistent and haven’t been tampered with
StoragePrinted material takes up a lot of space which can be difficult to manage and is more costly
Disaster RecoveryWhat happens in the result of a fire or flood damaging your paper documents, or if the one hard drive an important set of documents is stored on gets damaged?
CollaborationIt is difficult and inefficient to collaborate on a hardcopy of a document
Access ControlYou want to ensure only people with the right access requirements are able to get access to your documents

Document Conversion

Allow us to convert your hardcopy documents to digital copies. Digital copies take up much less space, are quicker and cheaper to backup and share and are easy to sort and search. Digital storage can be easily protected by robust security and access control to ensure only the right people can view and modify the documents. With our document conversion solutions, we can improve your business’s workflow and save you money.

Document Center

Our document center solutions can store your documents in a centralized, secure location to provide easy and reliable access. We can implement sorting and indexing in your document center to ensure documents are easily found. Proper version control can ensure your documents can be verified and promote effective collaboration.

Portable Storage

Our portable storage solutions can provide robust and secure storage of documents that can easily be moved between physical locations. Portable storage can easily interface with your computers to allow quick access anywhere.

Cloud-Based Storage Solutions

Our cloud-based storage solutions can keep your storage space costs to a minimum by providing off-site document storage. The cloud-based storage allows for easy backup of documents and allows access and sharing anywhere at any time. Anyone in your business can access their appropriate documents to work on or share in almost no time at all. No more travel and wait times to get access to physical documents.

Website Publishing

You may have documents you wish to make available to the public. Accessibility and distribution can be inefficient and costly with physical documents. We can assist in making your documents available to the public through a website. If you have a website, we can assist in formatting and displaying a web version of your documents and can assist in the organization and hierarchy of your website repository. If you don’t have a website already, we can develop a custom website to publish your documents in an effective way. Check out our Website Development solutions to learn more.

Any organization can move forward with small incremental changes, but building for the future in today’s rapidly evolving environment means taking bold chances and making insightful decisions.

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