Microhills Thingznringz eCommerce Website Project

ThingznRingz eCommerce Website Project

Project overview

The new Thingznringz ecommerce project covered development of the new ecommerce website, deployment, training of support staff and providing post implementation maintenance. Project included a complete end to end delivery from conceptualization and initiation to planning, execution and close out. During the process, several factors that are specific to the business will be evaluated and these include the business model and processes, requirement analysis, business data, existing systems including software and websites, resources requirements and maintenance plan.

The Need for this project

The project is consistent with the business commitment to improve business performance and customer experience through digital transformation of their product sales and supply throughout North America.  

The Overall objective

The overall objective is to build an ecommerce website that will facilitate supplies and sales of Jewelry and gift items to consumers and businesses to broaden the business horizon for Vanity Fashions Limited. With over 30 years of Marketing and Retail experience and over 6,000 customers across North America, Vanity Fashions Limited is set to provide a new customer experience in trusted jewelry programs that meets customer requirements and exceeds expectations. Showcase our understanding of retail business, competitive pricing and products designed for a niche market.