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Photography and Videography

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A photoshoot is just the tip of the iceberg. Post-processing encompasses every change we make to a video or photo after downloading of the photoshoot files. It’s the process that takes unrefined images and polishes them into perfect captures.

The fundamentals of post-processing include everything from cropping to sharpening. The type of editing we do depends on the image and the kind of result expected.

For Photography

Post-processing images generally include a combination of cropping, correcting colors, adjusting exposure, and making images appear sharper. 

Post-processing for photography also includes adjusting specific areas of the images by removing distracting background images (like a trash can from a park scene) or by lightening or darkening different sections. It can also mean blending multiple images together to create a composite—an imaginative image using realistic photos.

For Video

Videography takes post-processing one step further. In addition to making the images look interesting using the techniques, we also assemble clips and audio together into a cohesive storyline. 

We can adjust clip lengths, change the order of clips, and add transitions and text. Post-processing also includes fixing audio problems (like removing background noise) or adding music.